The Official Pipe and Drum Band of the Northeast Florida Highland Games

First Coast Highlanders
Your favorite Bagpipe Band in Northeast Florida



  • Joe Schnur - Pipe Major
  • Will Wheeler - Pipe Sergeant
  • Art Tenney
  • Greg McClelland
  • Dennis McCarthy
  • Rick Hearn

 Piping Students

  • Steve Cohn - Provisional
  • Vince Hare - Provisional
  • Marcia Winnard - Provisional
  • Nikki Herbst - Provisional

Pipers on Travel Leave

  • Brooklynn Harrell

Snare Drummers

Evan Brown - Drum Sergeant

Scott Young

Steve Cohn - Backup


Tenor  Section

Kathy Zimmerman Robertson

Steve Romeo

James (Jim) Roberts


Bass Drummer



Drumming  Students

Samantha White (Snare)

Zarak White (Snare)

Corey Morris (Snare)

Associate Members

  • Bonnie Boland (Events Chair)
  • Patrick Williams (Events Co-Chair)
  • Jane Argo Romeo


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The First Coast Highlanders is a Highland Bagpipe and Drum band based in Clay County, Florida.  Learn more about us...

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